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Fairmount Trail Update as of 12/10/10

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:18 am    Post subject: Fairmount Trail Update as of 12/10/10 Reply with quote

From: Philip Beranato []
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 4:34 PM
Subject: Please Help Keep the Fairmount Trail In Tact - Case 06-126771RZ

Dear Commissioners,
When I attended the P&Z meeting on 12/01/2010 for Case 06-126771RZ, there were numerous public testimonies raising significant and valid concerns of the proposed access road that will cross right over the designated "Non-Motorized" Fairmount Trail.

Though the road is proposed to be paved over existing open space - the open space that is appropriately separating two existing clustered neighborhoods per the NPCP - this email will focus on the impacts of the road crossing the Fairmount Trail.

At the recent P&Z meeting, Heimbecher's attorney responded to the community's long list of concerns about the road crossing the trail by stating something along the lines of "the Fairmount Trail users are no strangers to roads crossing the trail as 60th Avenue and 57th (?) already cross the trail. Roads are part of development and the community better get used to it."

We better get used to it??? Doesn't the public have a say? (You wouldn't know it based on the lack of public community meetings regarding this rezoning proposal.) But, apparently the P&Z Board thought this was an appropriate response. I can assure you the trail users do NOT.

Listed below are the reasons that I at least believe a road crossing this trail at this particular juncture is completely unacceptable.

Per my personal experience, the existing crosswalk on 60th Ave. is flat out ignored by motorists (usually travelling well over the 30 MPH speed limit) 90% of the time I cross the road. I am literally "Wowed" and thank the drivers via a wave who actually stop.
o So any statement by the applicant that the road will have a crosswalk or be regulated by a lower speed limit simply does not hold water with the trail users. It only takes one driver to create a lethal disaster!

The proposed location of where the road will cross the Fairmount Trail is in more or less the middle of the truly car-free stretch of trail between where 60th and 57th. The road crossing the trail will 'cut in half' the existing "carless" section.
o When I visit the Fairmount Trail with my 4-year old son via The Trails north access, I purposely go south on the trail to avoid crossing 60th and the inherent risk of drivers speeding down the road and through the crosswalk.

The road will be on a steep pitch and adversely impact any emergency stopping of vehicles coming down the road.

Road crossings can be problematic for equestrians resulting in severe injury to both the rider and horse.

Deer, fox, coyotes, skunks, racoons, WILL become road kill.

"Two (or more) wrongs do NOT make a right". The attorney is of the opinion that one road crossing the trail is synonymous to many roads crossing the trail.
o The trail experience is severely compensated with any and all road crossings; there is no argument against this.

There is no reason to approve this rezoning and its accompanying road simply because it happened in the past.
o The purpose of many, if not all, trails is to GET OFF THE ROAD populated by cars, SUVs, and trucks!
o If trails are repeatedly dissected by roads, there will inevitably be the point where there is no benefit of being on that trail and it may as well be a road.

I ask that all of you fully think this decision through and realize Heimbecher's proposal does not serve the community and JeffCo, but only benefits him. Please vote NO on 12/21.

Thank you,
Philip Beranato
Resident of The Trails
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